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Last updated Aug 5, 2014
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For political feedback commenting on issues and opinions please contact: our email at: TiogaDems@gmail.com
Tioga County (PA) Democrats
Tioga County Dems Annual Picnic!
Watch for the date in late summer!
Our candidates need volunteers at the Tioga Fair booth!!
Our Democratic candidates (Jon Ruth, Scott Brion and Kerith Strano Taylor) have a booth at the Tioga County Fair August 4-9 in Wellsboro. They need volunteers to help man the booth. If you can donate a few hours during the week please contact Gabe Hakvaag to schedule a slot. You can reach him by email at Hakvaag@aol.com us or TiogaDems@gmail.com.
It’s time for DemFest 2014 and to show your support of all our democratic candidates in all campaigns
Join us on August 23rd for a fun filled day at Knoebels Amusement Resort with 7 inspirational speakers including Joe Sestak, Eugene DePasquale, and Jim Burn. There’s free admission, free parking, and some fantastic free entertainment. We are also offering food/ride discounts for inside the park – no ticket lines. The program runs from 11am-2pm but we have reserved the tent from 10am-8pm
Each County Chair or Committee member received tickets for DemFest 2014 either at the reorganizational meeting or by mail. The deadline for payment ($10 each) for the optional noon picnic lunch tickets is Friday, August 8th. All checks must be made payable to the CCDC (Columbia County Democratic Committee). Individuals may also order tickets for the noon lunch on line…
Join us for a day of fun at
Sorry for the delay in getting you a date for the picnic. We are trying to coordinate with our state candidates to see who we can schedule to meet with you prior to the November election. An email will go out to you as soon as we have a scheduled date and speaker!
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"View from the Chair" Peggy Sue Darby
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